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2013 Midweek Service Lenten Homilies

Feb. 13, 2013Download
Feb. 20, 2013Download
Feb. 27, 2013Download
March 6, 2013Download
March 13, 2013Download
March 20, 2013Download


June 16, 2013Walking the Road to HeavenLuke 13:22-30Download
June 2, 2013Found by the Hidden GodPsalm 78:1-7Download
May 9, 2013The Place PreparedJohn 14:1-6Download
April 21, 2013Who are we Fighting?1 Peter 2:11-20Download
April 14, 2013The Guidance of the Good Shepherd1 Peter 2:21-25Download
April 7, 2013Seeing is BelievingJohn 20:19-31Download
March 31, 2013Godís Grace has Found Us1 Corinthians 15:19-27Download
March 29, 2013The Suffering ServantJob 1:6-12Download
March 28, 2013Proper and Improper Communion Practice1 Corinthians 11:17-22Download
March 17, 2013Faith is a PrivilegeHebrews 9:11-15Download
March 3, 2013The Life worth LivingLuke 11:14-28Download
Feb. 24, 2013Serve the Lord OnlyIsaiah 45:20-25Download
Feb. 10, 2013God give a Noble Heart1 Timothy 1:12-17Download
Feb. 3, 2013Open the Eyes of your SoulLuke 18:31-43Download
Jan. 20, 2013Lighting the Dark Place2 Peter 1:16-21Download
Jan. 13, 2013Jesusí Baptism and OursMatthew 3:13-17Download
Nov. 11, 2012Citizens of Two KingdomsMatthew 22:15-22Download
Nov. 4, 2012Loved by our Heavenly FatherMatthew 23:5-12Download
Oct. 28, 2012True StrengthEphesians 6:10-17Download
Oct. 21, 2012Harvest Festival - Guest SpeakerEphesians 5:15-21Download
Oct. 14, 2012The Mracle of ForgivenessMatthew 9:1-8Download
Oct. 7, 2012God's SuggestionsMatthew 22:34-46Download
Sept. 2, 2012Becoming an Expert in FaithLuke 10:25-37Download
Aug. 26, 2012True HealingMark 7:31-37Download
Aug. 19, 2012The Righteousness of Faith2 Samuel 22:21-29Download
Aug. 12, 2012Living in a House of PrayerLuke 19:45-48Download
July 22, 2012The Lord ProvidesGenesis 22:1-18Download
July 15, 2012Surpassing the World's ExpectationsMatthew 5:20-26Download
July 8, 2012Our Reason for Being1 Peter 2:9-10Download
July 1, 2012Using the Law ResponsiblyLuke 6:36-42Download
June 24, 2012The Narrow Door of FaithLuke 13:22-30Download
June 3, 2012Being a Child of GodRomans 11:33-36Download
May 20, 2012Confirmation DayJohn 10:27-28Download
May 17, 2012Walking the WalkGenesis 5:21-24Download
May 13, 2012Mothers: A Picture of Godís LoveJames 1:22-27Download
May 6, 2012The One from whom Everything Good ComesJames 1:16-21Download
April 22, 2012The Shepherd Leads WellPsalm 23Download
April 15, 2012Proper Spiritual Nutrition1 John 5:4-12Download
April 6, 2012Good Friday Corrects our Spiritual VisionIsaiah 53:11-12Download
April 5, 2012A Table in the Presence of our EnemiesPsalm 23:5aDownload
March 25, 2012We Shouldn't Argue with JesusJohn 8:46-58Download
March 18, 2012We have God's PromiseGalatians 3:21-31Download
March 11, 2012Whom will we Imitate?Ephesians 5:1-10Download
Feb. 26, 2012Jesus sees through the DevilMatthew 4:1-11Download
Feb. 19, 2012We are Connected with JesusLuke 18:31-43Download
Feb. 12, 2012Receiving God's Strength1 Timothy 1:12-17Download
Feb. 5, 2012Being Content with God's WagesMatthew 20:1-16Download
Jan. 29, 2012Keep an Open Mind to RighteousnessMatthew 17:1-9Download
Jan. 22, 2012The Sound of Blood-GuiltGenesis 4:8-10Download
Jan. 15, 2012Searching for and Finding JesusLuke 2:41-52Download
Jan. 1, 2012Our Shield from Life's SwordsLuke 2:25-35Download
Dec. 25, 2011Don't Underestimate Jesus1 Peter 1:16-19Download
Dec. 24, 2011God's Good News to the WorldLuke 2:10-14Download
Dec. 18, 2011Now! ...but not YetJohn 1:1-5Download
Dec. 4, 2011Prepare for His ComingLuke 21:25-36Download
Nov. 20, 2011We will Rejoice ForeverIsaiah 65:17-19Download
Nov. 6, 2011Separating the Fearful from the FaithfulMatthew 25:31-46Download
Oct. 30, 2011Saved by GraceEphesians 2:6-10Download
Oct. 23, 2011The Parable of the Loving FatherLuke 15:11-32Download
Oct. 16, 2011Glory in HumilityLuke 14:7-11Download
Sept. 25, 2011Baptized into Jesus' Death and LifeRomans 6:3-11Download
Sept. 18, 2011Prisoners find MercyGalatians 3:15-22Download
Sept. 11, 2011Don't Wait to Cherish your FaithActs 2:42-47Download
Sept. 4, 2011The ‘Tricky Disease’ of Self-JustificationLuke 18:9-14Download
Aug. 28, 2011Jesus Casts out the Corrupted FaithLuke 19:41-48Download
Aug. 21, 2011Tracking the WolvesRevelation 13:1-18Download
Aug. 14, 2011Fending off the WolvesMatthew 7:15-23Download
July 24, 2011Discipleship Makes a big DifferenceLuke 5:1-11Download
July 3, 2011God's InvitationLuke 14:16-24Download
June 26, 2011God Gives the Best Gifts for FreeJeremiah 9:23-24Download
June 21, 2011Sermon for ELS Synod ConventionJohn 14:6-7Download
June 19, 2011Three in OneMatthew 3:13-17Download
June 5, 2011Fear, Love, and Trust in GodEzekiel 36:25-26Download
June 2, 2011Ascension DayJob 38:1-21Download
May 29, 2011Remember PerfectionJames 1:22-27Download
May 22, 2011Confirmation DayMatthew 28:18-19Download
May 15, 2011No one can Take Away the Joy of FaithJohn 16:19-22Download
April 24, 2011As He Lives, we too Shall Live1 Corinthians 15:17-22Download
April 10, 2011Always Remember that Jesus ISJohn 8:46-59Download
April 3, 2011God Gives what we Need to Serve HimJohn 6:14-15Download
March 20, 2011A Real Savior for Real SinnersMatthew 15:21-28Download
March 6, 2011The Blind see JesusLuke 18:31:43Download
Feb. 27, 2011God's Word does His Work in UsIsaiah 55:1-13Download
Jan. 30, 2011God's Gift of Christian LoveEphesians 5:21-33Download
Jan. 16, 2011God Can't Get Used to SinExodus 20:13Download
Jan. 2, 2011We Come in Faith and Depart in PeaceLuke 2:27-32Download
Dec. 26, 2010True Light Unfading, True Life UnendingJohn 1:1-14Download
Dec. 5, 2010The Christmas VillainLuke 21:27-28, 33-36Download
Nov. 28, 2010Jesus is the Perfect GiftHebrews 10:19-25Download
Nov. 21, 2010Stock up on the Oil of Faith RegularlyMatthew 25:1-13Download
Nov. 7, 2010With God's Word, We don't get LostIsaiah 49:13-17Download
Oct. 31, 2010Our Righteousness from God is HistoryRomans 3:19-28Download
Oct. 24, 2010God has a Role for us to Play1 Timothy 2:11-13Download
Sept. 12, 2010Turn to your Father in Time of NeedMatthew 11:25-30Download
Aug. 29, 2010God's Law Serves His PromiseGalatians 3:15-22Download
Aug. 22, 2010Our Trouble is Caused by our own SinIsaiah 29:13-19Download
July 18, 2010The Value of Free TimeRomans 6:19-23Download
July 11, 2010We Obey Because He FulfilledMatthew 5:17-20Download
June 13, 2010Lessons from the VineJohn 15:1-8Download
June 6, 2010God's Mercy - Accept no (other) SubstituteLuke 16:19-31Download
May 9, 2010Our Heavenly Father and mother ChurchEphesians 3:17-21Download
April 25, 2010Despair Around - Hope WithinLamentations 3:18-26Download
April 18, 2010Don't Run from the Good Shepherd1 Peter 2:21-25Download
April 1, 2010The Lord's Wrath Passes us OverExodus 12:11-13Download
March 28, 2010Our Determined SaviorLuke 13:31-35Download
March 21, 2010Jesus is our Savior from Now till ForeverHebrews 9:11-14Download
March 7, 2010Imitators or IdolatersEphesians 5:1-10Download
Feb. 14, 2010God Teaches us how to Love1 Corinthians 13:9-12Download
Feb. 7, 2010God's Word Grows on YouLuke 8:4-15Download
Jan. 31, 2010God's Generous WageMatthew 20:1-16Download
Jan. 24, 2010Startled by the Morning Star2 Peter 1:16-21Download
Jan. 17, 2010An End to MurderMatthew 2:13-23Download
Dec. 25, 2009Smoldering WicksIsaiah 42:3-4Download
Dec. 13, 2009The Greatness of JohnMatthew 11:2-10Download

2012 Midweek Service Lenten Homilies

Feb. 22, 2012Download
March 7, 2012Download
March 14, 2012Download
March 21, 2012Download
March 28, 2012Download

2010 and 2011 Midweek Service Lenten Homilies

Feb. 17, 2010DownloadMarch 16, 2011Download
Feb. 24, 2010DownloadMarch 23, 2011Download
March 3, 2010DownloadMarch 30, 2011Download
March 10, 2010DownloadApril 6, 2011Download
March 17, 2010DownloadApril 13, 2011Download
March 24, 2010DownloadApril 21, 2011Download
April 22, 2011Download

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